I Bet You Didn’t Know You Had This Super Power

Did you know?

We are all just sacks of water blobbing about, pretending to be very resilient when the only thing keeping us from obliteration is a thin film of skin. Throw a few stones in our direction and our embarrassing insides will spill out into the open.


You think this doesn’t apply to you?


Consider the overweight woman who relies on the civic duty of every parent to teach their child not to stare and point when they see her waddling down the hallways of a public domain.

Or the girl who has been never asked on a date, amongst friends who constantly discuss their conquests.

Then there’s the man who considers it his primal prerogative to suppress the people around him so they don’t rise and expose how small he really feels. The faux alpha, I like to call him. Don’t be mad at him, he’s doing the same thing you are.

That’s what we all do. Cover our weak spots, appear larger than we are, conquer all the females, protect our dominion….ahem. Self-preservation is a powerful incentive. You know it. I know it. The animals on National Geographic know it. In the land of the living, vulnerability is something that cannot be escaped. There’s always going to be some button left to press.


Since we’re all screwed anyway, why not gain super hero status while we’re at it?


If you see that overweight woman being insulted, defend her. If you’re a part of that boy-crazed crowd of girls, say something about how romance is overrated. The last one is tricky but bear with me: the faux alpha needs a lot of love. Ew, I know. Kill him with kindness. Make it a group effort.

[label]Recap: be nice and protect your fellow human. Check[/label]

Next, you’re going to discover how your greatest weakness is also your most powerful asset.

What is art-if not your own unique footprint on this world? It’s not only powerful but authentic. Have you ever noticed that the moments that are most raw and vulnerable are the most precious in this world? When someone fails, stutters, goofs in the attempt of something. When someone is real, honest and unabashed. Have you ever been around someone who is so unapologetically themselves and has no guard up whatsoever? It’s better than the coldest glass of Long Island Iced Tea.


spider drawing photo

This is the radioactive spider bite you’ve been waiting for so listen closely



Tear that thin sack of yours and spill all over your art. Paint it on your house, show it to your loved ones, feed it to your dog, and broadcast it to society. Spread the mother loving word. There’s nothing better than an authentic human. There’s no better business plan out there. If more businesses thought this way, their revenues would be in Asgard (10 points if you know where that is).