For Those Who Still Have No Clue What Their Passion Is

Some people make it look so easy.

It’s like they were born with a to-do list attached to their foreheads: they know their passion and are freakishly motivated. You went to school with those people. You work with them. Are married to them. Meanwhile, you are sitting over there devoid of all direction. What is your thing?

Let’s make a shoddy attempt at cracking this nut, today.

Write down all the things you love, including the ones you think are stupid. What turns you on? What makes your heart flitter? What could you spend countless hours doing if you had the chance? What did you really enjoy doing as a child but you gave up along the way? What have you always wanted to try? Write it all down.

Keep that list with you, read it often and update it as things come up. This process can take a week or several months depending on how much dust you have collected or how scared you are of finding the truth. Very soon, however, an image will start to form in your mind’s eye…you’ll see the person you’ve always wanted to be. You’ll see that person doing those things you love. You’ll see a path open up for you that you never saw before. It was always there. Just a little worn from years of fear and neglect. Shine that puppy up and get to work.



You know your path, child, now follow it.


P.S- Finding your thing and doing your thing? Two very different things. Still, it’s a start. You’re on your way.