A Dirty, Little Secret to Success

Once upon a time…

there was a man whose practice became the path to his truest self.

He created his own form of martial art called Jeet Kune Do a.k.a. the Way of the Intercepting Fist (daaaaamn). He popularised two-finger push ups and one-inch punches. He established martial arts schools, taught many and inspired millions. He became an icon in martial arts cinema, and his films changed the way the world looked at martial arts. Bruce Lee is arguably one of the most influential martial artists in history. Yet his legendary status is not something that he intended…

I had no intention, whatsoever, that what I was practising, and what I’m still practising now would lead to this. Martial art has a very, very deep meaning as far as my life is concerned…as an actor, as a martial artist, as a human being.

~Bruce Lee

Loving the practice is not easy. It means loving that dirty, repetitive and difficult path that it takes to get there. THERE is so beautiful and easy to love. In THERE you’re a formidable being with the body of an underwear model who commands respect, possesses a Citadel-worth of knowledge and is a natural-born leader…


Wake up. You’re still here.

A billionaire is still HERE.

A black belt in martial arts is still HERE.

A Nobel Prize winner is still HERE.

You are still here.


The early mornings and late nights, sweaty sessions, judgmental looks, mental fatigue, extra miles, graveyard shifts, intensive research, surplus effort, rejection, fear, failure and the reality of living way outside your comfort zone. Look at it. Behold all that dirty, grimy and difficult about it. Then make love to it. Passionately.


That is your practice.