An Uncomfortable Truth: You’re Not Planning, You’re Procrastinating.

You have big plans for yourself. You have passion (click here if you don’t). Great. Answer me this:

Have you written down your plans?

Have you decided on the steps you need to take?

Do you even know when you’re going to start?

If you answered NO to any of the above, you my friend are not planning anything. YOU’RE JUST PROCRASTINATING

*Shouts and footsteps from a distance*

Shh! They’ve found us! The Resistance is coming!

*looks around furtively* I can still save you! Slowly, carefully, step out of that explosive pile of excrement you’re in and follow me. And whatever you do, don’t pay attention those quotes on the wall…





Oh no…you read them didn’t you? Before you sharpen your machetes and come for me, ‘listen’.

Procrastination is a tricky one. He’ll tell you that you need more time, that you’re not ready. That great things require great contemplation and you should not rush into anything. He will take great advice from fellows like Benjamin, Stephen and Alexander and twist them around in your mind.

Because the last thing procrastination wants is for you to actually do the damn thing.

I have a better idea

Listen to Benjamin, Stephen and Alexander, and do prepare (see, I’m not foolhardy). However, take X amount time to do this, no more, no less. Write it down. While you’re at it, also write down specific objects, do the research, gather all resources at your disposal (remember your brain is the biggest resource of all) and make a to-do list complete with timelines. Worry about all the risks involved, and meditate deeply on how scary it is to go after your passion. Do all of these and more.

Then, my dear, I insist that you must take the leap. This part is non-negotiable.

If you’re a sucker for quotes, here’s one for the road:

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