Breathing New Life into Sweetunda


This was quite literally the sweetest project I’ve ever worked on.

Co-founders Ofelia Burton and Jonathan Bamber saw a need in the Kenyan agricultural market and decided to step in. Their goal was to organise a supply chain that allows rural small-scale farmers to sell their produce to the market at premium prices, resulting in reduced food loss among other benefits.

Sweetunda products are sold in Zucchini, Chandarana, Field Fresh, Delamere and many other outlets.  Their product portfolio consists of dried fruits processed in an agro-processing plant in Thika.  Click on their logo below to visit their website.


Scope Of Works


Design Consultation

Positioning & Strategy Consultation



After initial meetings with Burton and Bamber, Story Pot began by creating a few mood boards to propose the look and feel of Sweetunda’s brand personality:



Extract from consultations on design language, to align the newly formed brand identity with the products’ visual design (graphic design was not part of Story Pot’s scope of works):


A look into the copywriting process, from current product descriptions to the new. The highlighted green option was Sweetunda‘s final pick:

Sweet Results

I’m proud of my Sweetunda family. Delicious, both inside and out.

Warm greetings from Sweetunda in chilly Thika. To let you know that we are missing you and your laughter. Proud to report that the tagline on the back of the pack…is received well. I am positive that our work together during that two short weeks will yield enormous social dividends


Ofelia Burton, Co-founder of Burton & Bamber.