The Sooner You Get This, The Sooner You Can Start Winning

“I love buying ugly things, watching boring movies and dating unattractive people,”  said NO ONE EVER.

Then why is it when we come face-to-face with our inadequacies everyone runs into the darkest closet, talking about their insides, who they really are and something about judging book covers? I know this goes against everything you’ve been taught to believe by Disney and other well-meaning liars. Perhaps I’m bursting your bubble but you do need to ‘hear’ this: 

The rest of the world only cares about what we see.

  • When purchasing clothes, what do you look at?
  • When swiping on Tinder, what do you look at?
  • When checking out the crowd, what do you look at?

Not the insides, that’s for sure. Not unless you have X-Ray vision or Professor X powers. Love at first sight. First Impressions. Snap Judgements. Purchasing Decisions.  It’s the reason movies with sucky storylines still draw in huge audiences on opening weekend. It’s why good looking men and women who are otherwise black holes where personality and depth go to die will always have a steady stream of suitors. It’s the reason you’ll take 200 selfies but post only one.

Packaging matters. Apply this to your business.  Anything the customer can see, hear, touch and interact with are all avenues of seduction. Be attractive, simple to navigate and lovable, both inside and out.

3 Comments The Sooner You Get This, The Sooner You Can Start Winning

  1. SlyK

    ‘No one cares about your insides except your doctor or your unborn child.’
    That statement just made my entire week! Loving the graphics as always.