Why You Should Cheat, Cheat and Keep On Cheating


You know that nagging feeling when you think of all the things you wanted to do but gave up too soon or never even tried? And now it just feels like there’s so much un-achieved, un-created, un-explored… 


This is uncomfortable. I know.

So you’ll shove it into a drawer, heap a pile of meaningless stuff on top of it and pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s worked for you so far. Next time you stumble on it, it’ll be a decade. Then twenty years. Then fifty. With any luck, you’ll be dead before the thump eats you alive.  

I have a full-time job, you say.

I have so many responsibilities, you say.

I don’t have time, you say.

I know you have a day job. And responsibilities. And legitimate fears that makes you soil your pants. 

So I want you to cheat

Cheat and work on your craft. Learn. Explore. Mess up. Start putting your chess pieces in position for the big move. Use this time to cushion those moves, reduce risks, map out adventures. Let your dreams be your lover. Make giddy escapes to a studio, a library, a workshop. Sit beneath that tree and eat mangoes while you learn how to sew, play guitar, solve astronomy equations. Paint that picture. Write that story (hey lover). Pursue that stupid, stupid thing you’ve always wanted to do but never had the correct pair of balls to do it. Cheat even though it’s scaryCheat because sometimes the people we love just won’t understand. Do it so that you’re a better person, for them.

Albert Einstein worked on his theories of relativity while running a laboratory at a prestigious university AND working as a low-level clerk in a Swiss patent office. You got this.  

Cheat responsibly

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